Inventions, Utility Models and Industrial Designs

If you solve a technical problem in a specific industrial sector or fill a gap in a certain technical area, you have made an invention.


If you make significant improvements to objects, utensils, appliances or tools that, as a result of the modification in their arrangement, configuration, structure or form, have a different function with respect to the parts that comprise it or advantages regarding their usefulness, said improvements.


If you make significant improvements to the external shape and appearance, the aesthetics of utensils or patterns that reproduce on an object, these are an industrial design.


Exclusive right


In the case of inventions through patents for twenty years that cannot be extended and by means of registration for ten years that cannot be extended in the case of the utility model and five years, renewable for periods of the same duration, up to a maximum of twenty-five years, in the industrial design case.


"Only 25% of the applications before the Mexican Institute of

Industrial Property manage to complete the process.

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